Tips on How to Cope with Dental Anxiety

dentist talks to a senior man about his dental anxiety

Dental anxiety is very common. Children often struggle with it, but many adults feel anxious about visiting the dentist, too. Anxiety can even make it hard to keep up with regular appointments! Here are some tips on coping with dental anxiety:

Talk to Your Dentist

Dentists know how to work with people experiencing dental anxiety. When we know more about your fears and if there’s anything in particular that makes you anxious, we can ensure your appointments are as comfortable as possible. That can include checking in on you frequently during a procedure, taking breaks, and being extra gentle.

Schedule Your Appointments on Low-Stress Days

Not everyone has the same definition of “low stress.” If scheduling an appointment on a busy day makes you more anxious, pick a day when you don’t have much going on. For some people, that may stress you out more because you aren’t as distracted. Think about what would make you feel better.

Schedule Appointments Earlier in the Day

When it comes to tasks that trigger anxiety, it’s often better to just get them over with. If possible, try scheduling dentist appointments in the morning or early afternoon. You can get them out of the way early and move on with your routine.

Have a Support Person with You

Many people feel less anxious when they have someone they trust close by. You may only need someone to drive you to and from the appointment. If you need extra support in the exam room, please let us know.

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