How to Clean Dentures

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When you’re missing teeth, your confidence isn’t the only thing that suffers. Dentures can fix those problems and restore your smile! Here at Parkside Family Dental, we offer a few kinds of denture options. How do you care for your new smile? Here’s how to clean dentures:

Brush Twice a Day & Rinse After Eating

Like natural teeth, you should brush dentures at least twice a day. Instead of regular toothpaste, you can use special denture cleaners or mild dish soap. A soft-bristled toothbrush is the best choice. Be careful not to brush the dentures too hard. While you don’t need to brush your dentures every time after you eat, you do want to remove them and rinse them well.

Keep Dentures Soaking When You’re Not Wearing Them

When you aren’t wearing your dentures, they shouldn’t sit on your nightstand or in the bathroom. Dentures should never dry out. If dry, they become painful to wear, their shape can warp, and they become much more brittle and fragile. Soak dentures in water or a denture cleanser to keep them moist.

Use Cool Water

When considering how to clean dentures, you might think to use hot water for brushing or soaking. If the water is hot enough to kill germs, it’s way too hot for your dentures. The heat can warp the denture’s shape, making them uncomfortable to wear. You want to use cool water.

Handle with Care

Whenever your dentures aren’t in your mouth, you want to be careful not to drop them. When brushing them over a sink, it’s a good idea to either fill the sink with cool water first or lay down a towel. This way if they do fall, they won’t hit the hard sink.

Interested in Learning More?

Along with partial and full dentures, Parkside Family Dental also offers implant-supported dentures. These are more like natural teeth because you don’t need to remove them. If you want to learn more about our denture options, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our Cary office!

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