Risks of Not Extracting a Tooth on Time

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We always try to save a natural tooth when we can, but sometimes, tooth extraction is the best treatment. It’s one of the more invasive procedures, but with a local anesthetic, sleep sedation, and other advancements, your experience will be as comfortable as possible. Wondering if you really need a tooth extracted? Putting it off too long is risky.

When a Tooth Needs to Come Out

When is extraction necessary in the first place? There are a few reasons. If decay, gum disease, or dental trauma have damaged a tooth too much, we won’t be able to fix it. Advanced infections can also make extraction the best option. In the case of wisdom teeth, we need to remove these if they’re crowding your mouth and damaging other teeth.

The risks of Not Extracting a Tooth

When a tooth needs to be extracted, it means things have gotten very serious. You’ll most likely feel significant pain. The problem will only get worse if you wait. If there’s an infection present, it won’t heal on its own and can damage your gums and bone. Infections also spread to other teeth, putting you at risk for sepsis. If the issue is crowding, not extracting a tooth on time can cause bite misalignment and tooth damage.

Getting a Tooth Extraction at Parkside Family Dental

At Parkside Family Dental, we always try to save a natural tooth if possible. Professional cleanings every six months and good oral hygiene reduce your risk for problems that make tooth extraction necessary. If you do need a tooth taken out, we strive to make the experience comfortable. Every extraction begins with a local anesthetic into your gums. We also offer you the option of nitrous oxide and sleep sedation. When the procedure is over, we’ll give you instructions on pain management while you heal. Please contact our Cary office today if you have questions about tooth extractions!

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