Dangerous Activities for Your Teeth

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At Parkside Family Dental, we want you to have the strongest, healthiest teeth you can. Teeth are more vulnerable than you may think, and several everyday activities can put your smile at risk. Making a few small changes could go a long way to protecting your teeth!

Drinking Acidic Beverages

It’s no surprise that soda, coffee, and tea can damage your pearly whites. Overly acidic beverages like soda and coffee will wear away at your enamel over time. Coffee and tea also dry out your mouth, leaving your teeth and gums more susceptible to decay. Over time, these beverages can also stain your teeth.

Wine is another beverage best enjoyed in moderation. Swirling a sip around your mouth may help you enjoy a glass of wine’s flavor, but that can spread the acid in the wine around, coating your teeth. When choosing a happy hour drink, remember that red wine is less acidic than white.

Chewing Ice

The ice in your drinks can also cause them harm. Chewing on ice cubes may not seem that bad, but the cold temperature and brittleness of the ice can cause your teeth to fracture.

Brushing Practices

Brushing is one of the strongest weapons you have to defend your smile, but timing and equipment are key. Brushing your teeth right after enjoying an acidic drink like coffee or soda can push the acidic chemicals deeper into your enamel.

Be careful when choosing a toothbrush. Overly hard bristles can damage your gums. We’re happy to offer recommendations for the best brush any time you come in to see us.

We understand that following all this advice can be difficult. If your teeth ever become damaged or stained, Cary dentist Dr. Nettey-Marbell can help restore and brighten your smile with our comprehensive dental services.

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