Smiling Affects Your Confidence

How Your Smile Affects Your Confidence

Studies show that your smile is the first thing that people notice when meeting for the first time. Having a great smile will not only show people and the world that you care about your oral health, it can spread joy to those around you. If you are unhappy and feel self-conscious with the way your teeth look, you are more likely to try and hide your smile or even suppress it, which could lead to awkward interactions with others. Smiling should be a carefree and enjoyable part of your life!

A Great Smile Means Great Confidence

The better you feel about your looks, the better you feel about yourself. When you are comfortable in your smile, you are likely to be much more relaxed and in the moment and laugh more! Smiling actually affects the way your brain thinks to become more positive about the way you feel about things. Even when you aren’t feeling happy, forcing yourself to smile is just as effective. So smiling and smiling often can actually make you feel happier! Smiling is contagious and you can positively impact those around you as well.

Smiling is a sign of friendliness and regardless if you are at work, picking up food, or driving in the car, people will be more comfortable around you and are likely to smile back, increasing your confidence and happiness even more! Go head and try it!

Cosmetic Dental Options

If you feel self conscious about flashing your smile around, don’t worry because Dr. Nettey-Marbell provides a whole array of cosmetic dental treatments that can change your smile into a carefree and beautiful look. Improving the way your smile looks will boost your confidence while improving your outlook on life.

Smile with abandon! Schedule a cosmetic appointment.

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