You’ve Got Braces – Which Food to Avoid & Which You Can Eat


So you’ve just gotten braces. Great!! However, now that you have some brackets and wires on your teeth there are certain foods that should not go into your mouth. You certainly don’t want to chance breaking your new gear, or promote tooth decay!

Foods to Avoid

Foods to avoid are those that are sticky, crunchy, and gooey that normally get stuck in your teeth anyways. Such as:

  • Caramel bars
  • Nuts
  • Popcorn
  • Chewy or hard candies
  • Sticky and chunky peanut butter
  • Gum

But don’t despair! There are still a lot of yummy foods that you can eat. And, as a bonus, you’ll likely end up looking and feeling a lot better by foregoing those forbidden foods.

Food to Eat

Soft fruits are a good alternative to sweets. Try a cup of smooth berries instead of those chewy candies. Applesauce and bananas are another good choice. The occasional dish of pudding makes a nice treat as well.

Soft breads with lunch meat and soft cheese make a simple meal. Pancakes and muffins are fine as long as the muffins don’t have nuts or other hard ingredients.

Other options include noodles or well cooked rice. Fish without bones, tuna, salmon, and crab cakes are other good choices. Add soft scrambled eggs to the menu as well.

Try to avoid stringy, tough meats and opt for soft, well cooked chicken or beef instead (such as beef tenderloin). Pair it with soft vegetables such as mashed potatoes or cauliflower, peas, or yams.

Just because you have braces doesn’t mean you have to give up eating tasty food. A little thought and planning will allow your braces to do their job and you’ll end up with a fantastic smile!

If you have questions about the types of food you should avoid and which are ok, Dr. Nettey-Marbell has all the information you need!

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