When Are Dental Extractions Necessary?

extracted tooth next to a small mirror

In modern dental care, there are so many different treatments that we can consider and turn to to take care of your teeth before resorting to a tooth extraction. If you have an infection, root canal therapy might do the trick. If you’re dealing with dental crowding, orthodontics could possibly solve the issue. That being said, there are some situations where a dental extraction might be absolutely necessary.

Severe Decay & Infection

Tooth decay can start off small in the form of a minor cavity. Left untreated, it can develop further into the tooth and cause a serious infection. As we mentioned before, root canal treatment is used to treat infection within the tooth. Sometimes, however, that infection can spread too far and then an extraction is necessary to stop it from worsening even further and to protect your overall health.

Impacted Tooth

An impacted tooth is when a tooth isn’t able to erupt from the gum completely. Basically, this means that the tooth is prevented from fully emerging into its correct spot, which can lead to infection, overcrowding, or damage of the nearby teeth. Most of the time we talk about impacted teeth in terms of wisdom teeth. If your tooth is impacted, we may recommend a tooth extraction to remove it before it leads to more dental problems.


Orthodontics can help put crowded teeth into their proper positions, but sometimes the reverse is necessary. In other words, in some cases it’s necessary to remove teeth so that there’s enough space in the mouth for the other teeth to move into perfect alignment through orthodontic treatment.

Dental Extractions at Parkside Family Dental

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