Family Activities that Promote Good Oral Health Habits


Let’s face it, kids just don’t understand the importance of dental hygiene at such a young age, and brushing teeth can be quite the hassle for some parents. If your tiny tot is not excited about brushing, then we have a few tips that can help make the process more fun and exciting! Take a look at some of our suggested family activities that promote good oral health habits: 

1) Brush Together 

Monkey see, monkey do! As a parent, you’re fully aware that everything you do, your kids want to do too! Try brushing your teeth with your child so they think it’s a fun activity! Make sure to kneel down to their level so they can see just how you do it, and you’re right there to help them with their toothbrush! 

2) Go Shopping 

Head to the store and let them pick out the kids toothbrush and toothpaste of their choice. Luckily dental hygiene companies have specific products with cartoon characters and fun colors that are more appealing to children. Picking out their own toothbrush will make them feel special, and just like a new toy they will want to open it up and try it out as soon as you get home! 

3) Make Up A Game 

Try turning brush time into game time! Kids love playing games, and if you play a game while brushing their teeth they’ll be excited to do it! Have a contest to see who can make the most bubbles, or create a fun song to hum along too while brushing! Click here for more game ideas! 

4) Sticker Chart

Kids love to earn prizes, and if you already have something similar like a chore chart, then they will know how this works. Try setting up a chart for brushing their teeth, and each time they do it they get a sticker! The more stickers they collect the bigger the prize they can earn! 

5) Compliments

Positive reinforcement is always an easy trick! After they brush their teeth give them lots of compliments on how nice their teeth look, and how great they are! Get the rest of the family in on it too! If grandma comes over, make sure she knows to compliment their sparkly whites! 

At Parkside Family Dental, we want to make sure we create a family-friendly environment for you and your family to enjoy! Going to the dentist shouldn’t be scary, so we focus on maintaining a comfortable environment for both children and adults alike! For more information, or to schedule an appointment visit our website today!