Holiday Treats That Are Bad For Your Kids’ Teeth


The holiday season brings more than just cold weather and shopping sprees, but plenty of treats for the whole family. It’s great fun baking in the kitchen together with your little ones, but all the sugary sweets could take a toll on their teeth. Before you stock up for the winter on sweets, take a look at the worst holiday treats for kids’ teeth

1) Hot Chocolate 

There’s nothing like a hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter day. But those warm mugs of delight are full of nothing other than sugar! Hot chocolate, eggnog, and even apple cider contain high amounts of sugar and are easy to drink in excess when not careful. Darker chocolates have less sugar, and the lighter ones have more. If you’re opting for a healthier hot chocolate option, check the label for the cocoa content. Hot chocolate containing higher cocoa amounts is a much healthier option for your teeth. 

2) Candy Canes

These swirly, red and white sticks are a holiday favorite for all, and as you’re decorating the tree make sure to limit the of amount candy canes your children can have. Candy canes are 100% sugar, and the hard texture easily gets stuck in between the crevices of your teeth. 

3) Sticky Caramel 

Gooey, sticky caramel is the perfect holiday treat to satisfy your sweet cravings, but is not so great for your teeth. The iconic texture of caramel is notorious for getting stuck in your teeth, and takes quite some time to dissolve. Your kids might love this sticky mess, but their teeth are much more important. Caramel can lead to damaging cavities, as it remains lodged in the teeth and promotes bacterial growth. 

4) Hard Candies 

Grandma is notorious for having bowls of colorful, hard candies for guests. But these enticing sweets are quite bad for your kids’ teeth. Hard candies get wedged between the teeth, and if not careful could cause a tooth fracture if you bite too hard. Even though your kids’ take longer to eat them, and technically eat less, sucking on hard candy only prolongs the sugar exposure in the mouth.

Holiday sweets are truly a traditional treat for all, but make sure to remember to restrict your kids’ from overindulging. Timely checkups will help to maintain a healthy smile. Schedule an appointment today to ensure your kids’ have a clean and happy mouth!