Oral Health While Pregnant: Myths & Facts

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When it comes to the relationship between pregnancy and oral health, there are plenty of myths swirling around out there. To separate fact from fiction, we’ve gathered some of the most common myths we hear and present what the truth actually is.

Myth: Women should avoid getting dental work done while pregnant.

This one is completely false! It’s crucial that pregnant women continue to take care of their dental health. Not only are pregnant women more at risk of developing gum disease because of hormonal changes, but dental infections can also affect the baby’s health.

Myth: There’s no connection between a pregnant women’s health and her baby’s health.

So much of a baby’s health depends on the health of their mother, and this is still true even when it comes to oral health. Research has found that pregnant women with moderate to severe gum disease may be at higher risk of delivering prematurely. Of course, premature births come with their own slew of health concerns.

Myth: Pregnant women should never get X-rays taken while at the dentist.

The fact is, dental X-rays have a very low amount of radiation. Not only that, but if X-rays are deemed necessary, your dentist will take all the necessary precautions to ensure your safety (for example, putting on a lead apron). If you are concerned, the best course of action is to ask your dentist whether it’s crucial that you have X-rays taken now (there might be a pressing oral health concern) or whether you can postpone them to a later date.

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